Fitness & Dance Tips – Video : Chris Brown Loyal (Cardio Dance Choreography)


Chris Brown Loyal (Cardio Dance Choreography)



**I do not own the rights to this song. We are just dancing for entertainment purposes only.

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SWEAT ATLANTA: Hip Hop Class with Nicholas Jacobs

A sample of what you get with a Sweat Atlanta Hip Hop Group Fitness class. Check out or All original choreography by Nicholas Jacobs.

The routines demonstrated are for cardio fitness purposes and are created to be easy to follow and athletic in nature to raise the heart rate and burn calories.

Nicholas is a fitness professional who has been in the industry for 10 years. He is well known in the market mainly for his hugely successful group fitness following. He has been teaching group fitness classes since the 90’s and has huge audiences traveling from all over the city to attend his one of a kind classes. His classes rank among the best in the country. He has been featured in local media articles and has represented some of the nation’s top fitness gyms. He has a wide skill set including personal training, boot camp training, kickboxing, hip hop, yoga, aqua, pilates, youth training, zumba, and more. He is also double AFAA certified (Group Fitness & Personal Training.)