Fitness & Dance Tips – Video : Full Cardio Dance Workout


Full Cardio Dance Workout



Check out this full, ~30-minute Cardio Dance workout, consisting of a warm-up, 6 dance routines of different dance styles and music genres including Hip Hop, Latin, Bollywood, House, Trance and World Beats and a cool-down and stretch. Enjoy and subscribe to my Passion Fit YouTube channel as well!

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My name is Reena Vokoun and I’m an entrepreneur and the founder of Passion Fit, LLC, a certified fitness and dance instructor, health, wellness and fitness blogger, fitness video expert, digital advertising and social media professional, wellness champion and award-winning ESPN National Aerobics Championships competitor.

Passion Fit is a health, wellness and fitness company. Through my blog, workout videos, newsletters, social media content, live fitness classes and wellness programs, I will cover many topics around exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, stress management and overall wellness.

If you choose to use these fitness videos, you are responsible for seeking clearance from your doctor as needed and exercising at your own pace and within your own limits. Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun will not be responsible for any injuries related to participating in the exercises shown in these videos. Please note that not all exercises are suitable for everyone, so please take precautions by stopping and calling your doctor immediately if at any point during your workout you feel dizzy, faint or have physical discomfort.

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