Fitness & Dance Tips – Video : Low Impact Cardio Dance Workout | Let’s Twist Again Program


Low Impact Cardio Dance Workout | Let’s Twist Again Program



Welcome to the “Let’s Twist It Program”! This program has been specifically designed for older adults who LOVE to shake it to stay active but need a little less impact on their knees. This is a 21 day cardio dance program that will surely get you moving. Latin dance is the main focus of this program so you know the moves will be spicy and muy caliente. We also mixed in a little Bellydance, Bollywood and provide modified versions for you! Isolate your hips, tone your core and transform into a sexy diva whatever age you might be! Age is just a number.

Let’s Twist Again is just one of the dance workout programs made available for you from Hip Shake Fitness! Your on demand dance workout studio. We are proud to be an inclusive dance community that welcomes people from all ages and all abilities.

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Let’s Twist Again Dance Instructors: