Fitness & Dance Tips – Video : Paula Abdul: Total Body Cardio Dance Workout- BeFit #throwbackthursday


Paula Abdul: Total Body Cardio Dance Workout- BeFit #throwbackthursday



Paula Abdul: Total Body Cardio Dance Workout from BeFit Throw Back Thursday is an electrifying aerobic dance routine that is designed to elevate the metabolism to maximize weight loss potential, sculpt lean muscle and tone the body from head to toe. Activate the core and get ready to sweat as you get your body moving on the dance floor with Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Choreographer, Songwriter, Dancer, Television Personality and Former LA Lakers Cheerleader, Paula Abdul. Twist, jump and shake your booty to a retro Paula Abdul track featuring a live DJ as you have a blast learning high-energy moves designed for everyone in this fun and effective 11-minute segment from Paula’s “Get Up and Dance” Fitness DVD that is sure to shape a firm and sexy dancer’s physique. Improve agility, enhance endurance and tone the abs, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, butt and back as you slim your waistline and boost your confidence with true celebrity entertainer who’s successful career has spanned decades. Paula’s upbeat attitude and magnetic energy will motivate your to the very end. Learn hip-hop and jazz inspired dance moves step by step as you infuse your own style and get stronger every day. Paula is joined by two of her professional touring dancer/ choreographers for inspiration as well as a group of beginners proving that anyone can learn this routine and look like a pro no matter what their skill level. Enjoy the eclectic 90’s wardrobe and care-free vibes as you take a walk down memory lane. Boost your energy and re-shape your body with this action=packed workout that will leave you feeling strong, healthy and happy. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for newly-uploaded body-sculpting workouts. Click here for more fat-burning dance workouts:

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